Seven Seas - Online / Standard-Size / Disasters- / City States-4 / Random (Resources, World Age, Temperature, Rainfall) (1821efeb)

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This game has been paused for a while. Are you still around Maxamilian?

Hey @Talanvor. Are you still around?

@angelspikevg thank you very much. you can count on me if you face a similar situation.

@SackGT could you please sub @angelspikevg in for @Talanvor. (Angel is less than 500 turns old)

[apparently im not able to post 3 times in a row]
@angelspikevg do you have a substitution tab next to the webhook tab on your profile?

if so, please enable it for civ 6

guess I’m not old enough

@SackGT, sorry to ask again, could you please sub @angelspikevg in for @Talanvor

OK, done, like always, if it isn’t working try reverting.

@Angelspike has left the server for cheating. If we are to sub a new player in, we should pause until that is done. My vote is to continue without subbing.

How was he cheating?

Gained an extra fertility rights, so two settlers instead of one.

Watch this interesting video which will hopefully be patched out in the upcoming patch/DLC

Wow that’s game breaking.

@JW1 hope things are well. please let us know if you are still playing.

we have lost 3 players in a short time. Does anyone agree or disagree that this game is dead?

I’ll likely stick this one out. It appears to have speed up a bit with a few players dropping recently.

With my capital nearly gone, just wanted to say GG to Petrojbl and everyone else. Good luck with the remainder of the game.


GG! Thanks for playing.

Just want to ask, for future games; maybe not war with everyone?

Where’s the fun in that? :slight_smile:

GG all. You nuked me pretty good near the end @Valamas :slight_smile: Fortunately, I already launched the last space expedition prior to my aerospace districts being hit.

Damn! GG. I thought I had a slim chance. Was building laser boosters thingies en masse.

Those northern strikes were fun. Never done something like that. Rarely make it to the later eras.

I enjoyed playing with all and hope to see you in future games. Look out for my Holy War game that I will announce tomorrow.

Thanks for good game, I was hopelessly behind in the end :frowning: