Set timezone threshold in game settings

To be able to set a timezone range for the game.
For example, my timezone is GMT+10

I would like players that are between GMT+8 and GMT+12. This is so game play could be faster.

Currently I have the following game setup. Uptake is slow as expected because of the email password hoop.
Valamas’ game! (Australia and New Zealand) email valamas@gmail for password (Not Started)

Because of the criteria I set on this game; I cannot create another game as I have a one game limit. I don’t want to delete the game as 2/4 slots filled. Feels like I have sort of shot myself in the foot with my first game. Have joined another game but after 3 weeks, have not played a darn turn yet :slight_smile: Every other game has a password. Found another aussie player had created a password game. I “smack talked” asked for the password but no response yet.