Scenario: Vikings, Traders and Raiders! (Vikings DLC) (ebc46d59)

Smack talk goes here for Scenario: Vikings, Traders and Raiders! (Vikings DLC)! Game URL:

thank you for joining. I will start the game in a day or two after visitors staying over piss off :slight_smile:

This save file is looking for Zamelkite. What do?

Good for now.

Do you guys get the feeling this scenario isn’t particularly balanced? I do feel like Norway has a distinct advantage.

for sure. would not play again.

if you could both attack me now I think it would be quite interesting!

meanwhile I’m off to farm the famous Greenland elephant colony

I think it is bugged. My Civic Naval Tradition has 530 turns. every other civic is 4 - 12 turns.

impossible for me to change governments.

it’s not bugged. There are some civics that you only get by doing the boost. So if you build 3 Harbours you get Naval Tradition.

Danes are no fun.

i started building longboats but seems I should have concentrated on berserkers, which I am doing now. And to pair up with battering ram, which I also started doing a bit late.

I started building longboats and sent them off to raid. I now have ships pillaging Greece and North Africa. The early gold boost from raiding were quite handy. I’ve nearly got all of Great Britain and will soon invade northern France.

I think Norway has a number of advantages in this game:

  1. Faster ships. This is crazy OP when so much of the game is about raiding (which longships can do) and getting VP for finding Vinland. That’s way more useful than the bonusses you two have.
  2. Not sharing land border with Franks. They spit out a lot of units and this is a constant harrassment for the Danes. The cities states in Britain are also fighting the Franks. So it’s much easier to conquer Britain without having to worry about Franks.
  3. Norway has 3 coastal cities that are better positioned to send raiding ships off and attack Britain.
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griping about wrong player save file! ???

save file send. played turn 3 times. Canute pissed.

I canute believe it!

I Cnut believe it either

you’re 'aving olaf at him

So. Puns are where on the Culture tree?

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I have 16 barbs around. me. getting worse.

yeah that’s another problem Norway doesn’t really have.

At least I’m giving the Franks something to think about now. Dang they don’t half spit out lots of cavalry!

I settled a city in Iceland - look what the default city name was!

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