Scenario: The Black Death (Gathering Storm) (866f6bcc)

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My turn is stuck, I have two cities that are demanding what to build but nothing is select-able in the production list, clickable or not. Tried all the reloading and different action order stuff. I think it is a revert turn case. Have not done that yet. Please confirm if that is what I should do.

Yes, revert the turn and see if that fixes it.

fine by me

its working!

Im not achieving much. The plague is everywhere. One of my units is running around in someone elses lands trying to survive. Glad he has not been euthanized.

I have the same problem. Not doing anything except running my units away from the plague. Not a fun scenario.

Is anyone else enjoying this scenario?

Not really. But I’m going to keep going to kill my neighbor who attacked me. It doesn’t feel like I"m doing much planning.

Once the plague passes through a city, can it come back to the same city?

I don’t know.

The plague has swept back through and crippled almost of all my cities twice. Not sure what we are supposed to be doing in this game but losing population.

Same here, the plague is back and my cities can’t produce much of anything.

this is my favourite game for just hitting NEXT

Hmm it just dawned on me when we started playing this game the corona-virus was not a thing. I hope we do better that I am doing at this game.

HAHA. I agree with you. The virus swept through my cities killing units, left, but came back again.

@Angelspike has left the server for cheating.

I didn’t even know you could cheat. But thanks for letting us know.

AngleSpike used an extra pantheon to gain 2 additional settlers instead of 1 for fertility rights.

Well that sucks. Now I wonder how many times people have used that in games I’m in. How do you detect it? I hope Firaxis fixes this bug soon.