Scenario: Pirates! You Are Without A Doubt The Worst Pirate I've Ever Heard Of. [Jack Sparrow] But You Have Heard Of Me. (b3b9ed65)

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What is undocumented?

Visiting Tavern
0 MP to visit, but cannot move ship away despite remaining MP (MP display bug?). After visiting, you cannot move (despite MP remaining). You can still perform some actions like ranged attack.

Ship 1 MP to disembark. Crew has 0 MP

Crew require 1 MP to embark. Ship expends all MP

Can bury treasure at 0 MP. Ends crew turn.

Coastal Raid
uses all MP

Pillage trade route
uses 2 MP

Abilities and bombard do not use MP but cannot be used if the ship MP is zero. Can heal afterwards.
Melee ships do not take damage during melee type attacks.

Healing per turn?

The data.

HP Turns +HP = __ = Heal/T VESSEL
14   5   +83 = 97 = 16.6   Sloop
83   1   +16 = 99 = 16.0   Sloop
47   1   +25 = 72 = 25.0   Galleon
53   1   +16 = 69 = 16.0   Sloop
78   1   +14 = 92 = 14.0   Brigantine

5 am weekdays, later on weekends

11am till about 7pm, mostly.

very good. I have now switched you with SackGT

i have set everyone to settler difficulty. Hopefully more pirate fun.

In my first post, I am going to list any info about the game not documented. There are many cases of when you can perform actions after movement or can perform movement after actions. I am going to list them to put in the pirates game setup forum article. So if you have some clear info, please mention it to me so I can place it in the final document.

I have added one now.

I will also be removing the short 60 turn limit.

I set to unlimited.

keep an eye on my first post as I am updating it as we go along. any additions welcome

My crew is in dire need of rum. How do we find a tavern after movement? In a friendly port, a la Pirates? (with a nod to Sid M.)


move adjacent to a city. use the tavern ability button

I hope everyone is enjoying it so far.

I have been updating the first post with any new discoveries. The information gathered will be posted to the game template forum page for future new games. Any additions or corrections are welcome.

I don’t know how big this game will get, as it is an endless mode. The only other option is the default, and only choice of 60 turns. It was obvious that it was too short in past games.

Probably 100 turns or 120 turns for a long games are a good choice.

GG - that was fun.

Will I be starting a new game yet for pirates? no

One thing I am interested in is assaulting a city. If someone does this, please send me a few screenshots of the action. discord fine.

Basically if you get a city down to 0 health you get some gold and the city goes back to full strength, I don’t think there’s really anything to take a screenshot of, though.

@Valamas - Actually, not sure if it’s a bug or not, but it just let me capture a city - if you have a Galleon or something that can do melee attacks it looks like you can take cities.

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We probably need a win condition.

Most gold at 120 turns?

Ok. Let’s steal gold until turn 120 :+1:t2:

@mrosack you survived the attack, but I doubt that you can recover your gold investment in the next 14 turns :smiley:

No, but capturing cities gave me a way to spend my gold, so I’ve got one last chance… :slight_smile: