Scenario: Pirates! The Code is more like guidelines, really. (a3ffb10a)

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So… After I play my turn, it goes straight to the game over screen, and I don’t have a chance to save it. How do I pass the game along to the next person?

Also, apparently having the most points isn’t enough to win. I guess you need to have at least one ship left too! :slight_smile:

yea, you are at the end. Who won?

Just surrender to end the game. Thanks for playing.

I found the turns too short.

I was just finally figuring out how to play and now it’s over? :frowning:

I was definitely last place. :slight_smile:

Sir Richard Rumpel won. I had 650 points but my flagship had been sunk, and Rumpel had 648. Only unit I had left was a single crew member on an island at the south edge of the map.

Sir Richard was definitely sassy as he used his ability a couple of times to hold my ship from moving. So wanted to sink him LOL

ok, im going to create another pirate game.

GG y’all
Sinkin that Flagship was more luck than anything else, a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one :smiley:

Ironically I was under the impression of loosing this game for almost the entirety of the game. I started in the north western Corner of the Map and didn’t encounter a Single non trade ship until turn 20 or so, was stuck plundering trade routes and visiting taverns, Flagship had 6 crew at one point, also didn’t get any combat treasures but instead another reduction on ship maintanace.
Personally I think the Hoarders are still a pretty weak crew, the passiv took a looong time to really give me an edge against you guys and the active is pretty situational as well and mostly used to get away from stronger opponents. Never managed to win with them in SP so far.
If you would have me I’m up for a rematch, but I’m aware of my long turn times, sometimes it seems like the turns come in juuust after I went to bed or left the house for work