Scenario: Global Thermonuclear War (Vanilla) (d9bd23cf)

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Looking forward to starting the game.

Please spread the word to anyone you think would be interested!

I think always-war-setting would vastly improve this scenario. Doing something like declaring friends locks one in to peace for the majority of remaining turns.

Edit: there is no setting for this scenario. It would have to be a player enforced rule.

Or they can just lose :slight_smile:

Gandhi and his nuclear weapons :grinning:

I just noticed I’m not playing this one anymore… must have died! Have fun guys!

Yeah, sorry, I had all these nukes lying around and you were the closest. :slight_smile:

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Ya, you got nuked first. Others were not far behind you though.

Thank you for trying this scenario.

I achieved victory for conquering 3 city states (Proxy War). I thought I would get victory points, not actual victory. Seemed too easy. I also think the game would be more fun if everyone agreed to declare war on one another immediately from the first turn.

@mrosack seemed the victor.

The scenario could be better if the city states were more evenly spread. Same for if the map was more equal, perhaps inland sea map.

Would play again given the above.

Odd, when I just loaded the game on my turn it showed nobody had above 2/3 city-states captured. I believe you have to capture 3 city-states, and hold on to all 3 for a full turn. I think the game is still going?

Good game, this was a lot of fun - I thought war was assumed declared from the beginning. :slight_smile: I’d play again as well.

@DogBoy511 - Once I captured the 3rd city state, the game immediately gave the victory screen.