Scenario: Ancient Rivals (Vanilla) (3a714783)

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Hello there,

How are the victory conditions weighted? If you have the most of any of them you get 6 points, second gets 5 points, third gets 4 points and so on?

I’m assuming each victory condition is a point and if its 2 points vs 2 (the only tie possible), then one of those two is the victor based on overall score.

If you have the most for a victory condition, you get 1 point, no one else gets a point.

Again, I have not played and is my best interpretation.

Yes, that also makes sense, a winner take all for each condition.

I guess theoretically there could be a 1 vs 1 vs 1 vs 1 tie as well :slight_smile:

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Sorry for the delay. I thought I set the game up but will need help from the site admin. Unfortunately I have to drive somewhere far now and may not be back online till tomorrow.

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I set this game up as Vanilla because I misread it somewhere.

The scenario is a Vanilla one I am finding out. I have asked for help. Please wait again.

Or even a two-way tie. But the rules said ties will be resolved by score, so who has the highest wins.

Well this is embarassing… just assumed this was a Civ V game, as I’m still on my first game here. Couldn’t work out why the launcher kept taking me to the steam store! Will need to drop out, apologies all.

Did you guys enjoy this scenario? I thought it was good. Maybe a bit short on the turns.

It was certainly interesting; an entirely different focus on the beginning of the game.
Indeed quite short though…

I agree, was interesting (and fast) :slight_smile:

for some reason I just completed my 51st turn. Maybe someone will see a victory screen this turn.

Congrats to Elvirus!!! Good game! Looks like we won’t get a victory screen, but it’s clear in the standings who pulled it off …

Just completed the 51st turn, but strangely enough, no victory screen… Looks like this doesn’t work properly in Hotseat?

Thanks! It was indeed a good game!

Pretty close as well, for a long time I thought petrojbl was going to win…

Well done!!