SackGT's Rise and Fall game! (a5bb5a66)

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Laba diena, Sergey. Gal esat is Kauno?

Timo_man, your apostle trends a dangerous path. Keep your unholy religion out of our nation! Otherwise you are promoting a holy war between us

No, not from Kaunas, from Tallinn :slight_smile:

Oh, he’s just passing by. No reason to worry!

That’s good. We won’t want him to be lynched by a religious mob, now would we?

LOL, OK. I used to know a person in Kaunas, Lithuania, whose name is Sergey Jud. :slight_smile:

Well, I’m done for - didn’t have anywhere to expand and wasn’t prepared for war. Good game!

Wow, that was fast. Better luck next time!

timo, I swear to god I will make you pay for stealing Newton from me. Fucking cheater

Stealing? Newton must have believed in Taoism and therefore wanted to join my civilization.
“Swear to god” - Which god? Maybe that is the problem and it would help if you started believing in Taoism.

Also, if I would not have got Newton, India would before you anyway.

You have big mouth and small military. That will not help you to survive much longer.

FriedlyPigletz, you can pray to my god on your Crusade. Newton was destined for India, but fooled by the devil

Timo, I take my words back. German people thank your nation for joining our struggle against bloodthirsty monsters Scythia.

Scythia is worse than barbarians and must be completely exterminated.

Straw, please consider my offer to join war against Scythia. They are a threat to the world peace and enjoyment of this game. Please, help me and Timo to clean the world of the scum, that Scythians are.

And btw, Scythia’s south borders and southern cities are completely undefended. He sent all his army up north to attack Germany. Feel free to go there and rape their horses and kill their women.

More playing, less whining. Please.

A counter-offer was made to your deal, but you don’t have the gold to sway me into war. If I march to war, I will do it on my own terms. Our numbers might be fewer, however I have confidence that Indian ingenuity will prevail even at violent circumstances.

“rape their horses and kill their women”
…you germans are weird

Oh, nice. I never reacted to the military emergency, so it chose to accept it without my consent :confused:

It’s weird, and it showed the emergency notification to me but clicking it didn’t do a damn thing. Guess I passed it without looking

Seriously though, FriendlyPigletz should consider building walls in border cities instead of them libraries :smile: …and more so when if neighbouring Scythia :wink:

I can relate to that in other games (don’t trust early era Sumerians) :smile: