SackGT's game! (3433d8d6)

Smack talk goes here for SackGT’s game!! Game URL:

Welcome aboard, nakir and jopbem! Do you know anyone else who might like to play? I’m hoping to get a couple other players in here before we start.

Welcome burnemdown! I’m hoping we can still get 2 more players to make it 6, but if we don’t fill up by friday i’ll go ahead and start the game.

Is it ok that our game doesn’t have passwords for each civ? I mean, whoever wants to can just look at the others’ starting location and such

That’s a feature that I’m actually working on right now (injecting random passwords in the files for the other players to prevent accidentally looking at other people’s turns), but when it comes down to it, it’s really easy to change anyone’s password when you load up the game, so if someone’s just a dick there’s not much we can do about it. :confused:

hey mblum, I’ve noticed that you put a password on your civ, how did you do it? I’d also like to put one on mine

I finished implementing the password injection feature this morning - passwords are now automatically injected for all other players but the current player.

ahh i see, that’s pretty cool!

Hey king.2".richard - if you don’t get your turn in by the end of the day today, I’m going to have to kick you. :frowning: Make sure you have your email address set on the site to get turn notifications, thanks!

This is your last warning, king.2".richard - you have until tonight to play your turn, and please try to play your turn within a day in the future. Thanks!

I’ll be on vacation from tomorrow until Monday.

On vacation next week

So, I’ve won the game with a science victory!
I didn’t know what to do next, so I just clicked on “one more turn”, saved, and uploaded.

Congrats! You’ve been so far ahead for so long, it was only a matter of time. :slight_smile: There’s really nothing else to do now except surrender to leave the game.