SackGT's Beyond Earth game! (552d23d8)

Smack talk goes here for SackGT’s Beyond Earth game!! Game URL:

Let’s have a good game, gentlemen. Toward a world without The Great Mistake!

Aww, I don’t get to pick my spaceship loadout? Boooo.

Yeah, I was wondering about how important that is, having never played beyond earth before. If you think it’s necessary, could you add a post to the Feature Requests area with that and any anything else that would be nice to have for BE? Thanks!

Hey guys, I will be headed out of town this Saturday and gone for 8 days with no PC. I’d hate to make everyone wait for the turn timer. We’re not too far in so I can surrender unless there is a different suggestion.

OK, OK, I’ll get the vacation mode working this weekend… :slight_smile:

That’d be awesome!! :+1:

Sorry zach, I wondered if Hutama was asking for that deal on his own but didn’t know if refusing would put you out the cost anyway.

I hope that our commercial intercourse proceeds from this beginning to a bright future.

Hutama, your wildly murderous attack on Slavic excavators will not be forgiven. It betrays all concept of Humanity, not to mention decency. Language is too much to expect from you, so this denouncement is meant for the other colonies-

You are obstacles to him.

I’m reverting back to @SutoragosuMagosu, not sure what’s going on but i was unable to play the save, maybe something got messed up with the surrender.

I can’t use this save. It says “Waiting for players” and names all four of you, and the entire interface is unresponsive (except for sound), including even the main menu - I had to abort Beyond Earth to escape the application.

I’m not sure what to do, mainly because I don’t know what mrosack has to do with it… Do you personally handle turn transitions caused by surrenders on all the BE games? :o

It should be automatic, but i think things have got into a weird state with all the skips and surrenders. I went back to rozzo, hopefully it’ll be good for him.

An angry kraken just one-shotted the 6 population base Uspekh.

(turn works)

I can’t play Beyond Earth. It’s not an install file problem, it’s not because of Windows update, and it’s not a setting for my graphics driver that changed itself. But the game aborts the power supply in a violent-sounding way.

This time saving the file crashed my computer? Now I’m actually worried

Some of us just want to watch the world burn*.

*I’m so sorry