Rise & Fall - no other DLC // QUICK (41611418)

Smack talk goes here for Rise & Fall - no other DLC // QUICK! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/41611418-c682-4a00-9430-22839a940fad


I won’t be able to play my turn till Sunday at night since I’m gonna be out for holidays. Sorry for the inconvenience.


I’m leaving on vacation tomorrow and I’ll only get back the 22nd. (Rise and Fall-no other DLC)

I wish you nice holidays!

I will be out from tomorrow until Sunday at night, and then from Monday until either Wednesday or next weekend.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


I’ve won a Domination Victory. GG guys!


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Well done! You were an absolute force to be reckoned with in this game. GG all!

This was the first time I played as the Arabian civilization, and guys, I have to say this feel like a powerful civ. The marriage between science and religion is amazing. Mamluks are awesome too. I used those to steamroll the American player during the Middle Ages and snowballed from then on.

Thank you for this game. Hope to see you around!


PS: What do we have to do now? How does PYDT handle the endgame? Do we all have to resign from the game?

My original goal was to pursuit a Science Victory, but then I noticed you all had declared friendship with one another, so I assumed I’d end up facing a coallition and then decided to switch to Domination as I already had a big army. I’m glad I made that decision - an interplanetary Caliphate would have been too much for mankind XD

That’s what I’ve noticed in previous victories, yeah. The winner receives the congratulations screen, but the other players can still keep doing turns. I’ve resorted to posting screenshots as the only reliable method for the whole group to see why everyone just surrendered out of the blue.

I haven’t done a game as Arabia yet, they’re my next hopeful random / selection after my upcoming move concludes and I’m able to join more fresh games. I felt the same way about Russia, though. Soon as you hit Cossacks it was over via conquest, or religion. Take your pick.

Ok, thanks for the info!

Yeah, I played a game as Russia too and they’re god tier. I had a score of past 1300 with only 5 cities… My cultural borders were huge anyways. Really strong civ.

Hey GG Mesias! Sorry I played my turn without noticing you had already triumphed… I’ll surrender out then.

It was absolutely terrifying to see you running around with atomic era tech while I was still early Industrial. And yes Arabia is intense once they get rolling, very strong civ.

Thank you mate!

Those tank armies + navy, ha ha.

I assume I might have been labelled a warmonger, and it’s true to some extent. But I swear by God I was a tall builder, a pacifist, back in Civ V when I discovered this great series! However, I played a Civ V multiplayer game with my clanmates and when I was close to a science victory they nuked me. 18 times… I still pulled out a science win from the radioactive wasteland my empire had become, but seeing my citizens die by millions changed me… xD

GG everyone. Even though I have been playing civ since '91, this is one of my very first multiplayer games. I found PYDT a few months back, and are just now slowly starting to get used to playing versus humans. Takes some effort I realize now :smiley:

I can’t figure out how to resign. What do I do as the last player, to close the game?

Oh wait. I got it. (thought I had do resign ingame)

I discovered PYDT not long ago too and I find it awesome. Before that, the only reliable way to have a nice game was to play with friends, because regular online games with random people feel super rushy and unidimensional. With PYDT, all the multiplayer potential Civilization VI has unfolds. It reminds me a lot when I played correspondence chess: fun, long and deep games.

Yeah, playing Civ vs humans requires some adaptation as they act very differently from AIs, but you did well! :grinning: