Rise and fall, no other DLC - Duel pangaea, packed with 4 players (9ca532fd)

Smack talk goes here for Rise and fall, no other DLC - Duel pangaea, packed with 4 players! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/9ca532fd-cac4-4fe3-b0f8-5c30b7d34218

You’re up, ajblaj… gogogo :slight_smile:

BobReman everything okay? You have been stalling three games for 3 days now!

Hi - sorry for the delay. Was on a business trip in the US (I’m from Europe) and after landing going more or less straight on a 800km trip by car to visit family. Sorry!

no problem just post something next time and it’s alright RL should always have priority ofc!

I have just reverted my turn. I simply cannot submit my current turn. Both the website, and the windows-client reports an error with my save. I tried multible times with the same result :frowning:

Oh boy. After reverting and even trying to play this turn a bit differently (just in case) … I still get this errormessage from the PYDT client: “Incorrect player turn in save file! This probably means it is still your turn and you have some more moves to make!”


What do I do?

Aha! I found the problem.
After doing my turn - the save filename was PERICLES (me) - not the next player’s name. So I loaded that save, and sure enough: Now another of my units were active, and needed to get instructions. After this I could submit the save without error.

So after all - I guess this issue was just me being new to PYDT. Sorry for the hassle :slight_smile:

jvanheycop, did I set you up on settler level, while everyone else is/was prince?! crazy! :smiley:

ah i figured there was something like that in play. GG anyway, you put up a hell of a fight!

GG - it was fun. … and painful :slight_smile:
See you in the next game :wink: