Religious Freedom! (f218a0bd)

Smack talk goes here for Religious Freedom!! Game URL:

marcopoloko, please set your civ to random. Thanks for your interest!
And everyone else! An 8th player can’t be too far away and then we’ll get started.

The only option at my disposal is to boot a player for not conforming to the rules. I want to get started as soon as 3 hours from now. It’s been longer than the hopeful turnaround time of the game since the first warning, so I will correct marcopoloko now.

In fact I have no control over the room at all, and must ask an admin to kick marcopoloko for me.

How do you all feel about playing with 1 A.I. faction?

I’m OK with 1 A.I Faction

I‘m fine with 1 AI. Or just let him kick and wait for a new player?

Game starts tomorrow with or without 8P.

buries face in shame I actually rolled Mvemba. I ACTUALLY ROLLED MVEMBA.

Good luck everyone. From the early cradle of civilization, on towards the stars!

Remember, Religious Victory is not part of the rules. You must use Space, Vacationers, Conquest, or the prestigious Points victory in 2050 A.D. to claim the title of greatest civilization!

Sorry this is my first game but 7 days for a turn is normal?

So I need to decide on booting rules. Given there was no warning of a time limit, I can’t be too severe. But, a week absence is dipping into “I came down with pleurisy” territory if we are imagining a legitimate reason.

This game started on a Tuesday, so, how about, “On the first Tuesday after the 168th hour of delinquency, late player is kicked.”

As said before is my first game so no the best source for answer but what you describe seems fair for me.

Yep, no problem with this rule.

Down with this rule, I felt bad for going camping for 3 days right after the game started, a week is extreme

I will be away from Saturday until some time Wednesday…

As we agreed, this Tuesday winiarskim will get the boot if there is no response before then.

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kaygee dropped of his own accord. Seems he kept his own reasons, too.

I can already tell this is a small planet we’re living on!

Is something wrong? I’m going to kick Epic on Tuesday…

Hey, happy new year to everyone. I‘m on a short vacation trip, can’t play for the next 3 days. Sorry for the delay.