Red Game! Msg for pwd. (24d2383a)

Smack talk goes here for Red Game! Msg for pwd.! Game URL:

Hi all:

Unfortunately, my ability to take turns has been severely hit. My graphics card is dead and I can’t replace it in the near future. I’m now using a really old laptop for study purposes which is absolutely unable to run anything but Minesweeper. Because of this, and with great pain, I’m sorry to communicate that I must resign/be replaced in all of my games.

Good luck to all of you. I hope to play along with you again in the future!


Sorry about that Mesias. It was a GG. Once you got that machine gun armies there was no way I could stop you. I played it out to the end and won, but that’s only because the AI didn’t do anything with your units. You would have won. Well played.

gg wp, Geoff. I based my strategy on that machine gun army and my rocket artillery army. Once they get a few upgrades, those units are insane.