RED DEATH mode [Vanilla] (103201a7)

Smack talk goes here for RED DEATH mode [Vanilla]! Game URL:

“reloading for tile and battle scouting banned” - totally support this, but how are you planning to enforce this?

we don’t enforce. it is an etiquette. situations will present themselves and you could make it obvious to your fellow players and potentially missing out on other fun in depth games in a deeper circle. @banman39 is known to me as a good p[layer

To reply to in-game tag from Valamas: done, and thank you kindly :wink:

GG @MonkeyWithGrenade. I got final blow with artillery and antitank-bazooka. That was a tough last turns. @SirFiuza could have won earlier until last fights.

Well played everyone, but this guy goes to Mars!

Yes, definetely a good game! Thanks guys!
As far as I understand we’ve hitted a problem of the last turn - when you can’t save a game after winning… I’m the last one, but I’m not a winner.
Initially I thought that Sir Fiuza will win. Then I got a plan how to win, but he has got a new artillery unit. That was really nice surprise for me :slight_smile: