RED DEATH "Living on the edge" - Mutants and Border Lords - Lakes map (smaller in size) (14ce2611)

Smack talk goes here for RED DEATH “Living on the edge” - Mutants and Border Lords - Lakes map (smaller in size)! Game URL:

gg @Kannibalhamster! took your chopper out with rocket artillery and my movement-promoted machine gunner captured your settler …


GG @harre
I took you last unit, a civilian.

See you on the bench very soon! I am about cooked myself. :poultry_leg:

Yeah, the civilian ran away then the others were killed :joy:

ok, i’ve seen enough, i just moved my settler over to you instead of running away. gg!

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gg @Nuts ! my desperate march to acquire troops in the red zone has come to an ignominious end :smiley:

gg :+1: