Red Death first game - new game mode (5ea4388c)

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Just sorting out an error with uploading the game.

I have to do some work now but will check back often to see if I can upload and kick off this game.

There was a little confusion as to why @harre was “kicked” from the game.
@harre I took your last/only undefended civilian unit with my helicopter. My +3 sight. I ambushed you. I saw this big defeat screen and then I was able to continue playing. The defeat screen was a little ominous because it seemed I was defeated. Will have a better look next time and take a screenshot too.


Hi all:

Unfortunately, my ability to take turns has been severely hit. My graphics card is dead and I can’t replace it in the near future. I’m now using a really old laptop for study purposes which is absolutely unable to run anything but Minesweeper. Because of this, and with great pain, I’m sorry to communicate that I must resign/be replaced in all of my games.

Good luck to all of you. I hope to play along with you again in the future!


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Since we are close to the end, I decided on the kick.

thank you for the game everyone!

I was not able to save the victory to file. The game just didn't give me the option. Also, since this is the first time I have been in a game and as a host, I do not know what to do now.

About the game, certainly picking up a helicopter early and with my factions +3 sight, was an all too powerful combo. I was able to fly around with the helicopter to pickup supply drops. Every supply drop gave me a tank or artillery. I received the helicopter from a city very early. The terrain was full of choke points to my advantage and of where the blue zone was heading.

Here is a screen shot of my units and victory screen.

Congrats! Yeah, there’s nothing to do when a game is over other than leave the game.