Red Death! - 8 Seats, Fractal, Random Factions, No AI's - 1x turn per day (a882ed65)

One nuke was dropped on your settler. And no settler no life. But I don’t know what you had.

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I though you might have been on that island. I send out a unit to confirm and sent a thermonuke towards the island.

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Ah! A nuke was bound to get the job done. I had two settlers there, but they were both low on hp. GG!

Yeah, GG.

Go away mad scientist!!!

Ha, good game. Grabbed your settler last turn for victory screen. I think I ended up with close to 30 units around the board at the end. Lots of good exploring and taking out barb camps in this one.

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Good game. I started with 2 unit and 1 settler and this is all what I when had… so for me is second place small victory :smiley: