Random Civ, Rising Tide + Exoplanets (cd7a3158)

Smack talk goes here for Random Civ, Rising Tide + Exoplanets! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/cd7a3158-3925-48d4-bedf-8be2d32b03cb

If you would like to be able to choose your loadout (Colonists, Cargo, Spaceship), add your voice to this feature request here: Beyond Earth setup

Otherwise, you will be starting the game with Engineers, Hydroponics, and the Tectonic Scanner.

I thought green aliens won’t attack? they just took my colonist… right on the turn I was going to make a new colony… geez…

ohh they are aggresive, i have a hard time get around, cause i they all over my place lol, i litteraly having more military for that cause only, to fend them off :smiley:

Yeah, they took one colonist for me too :blush:

Hi guys, I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to drop from my Beyond Earth games. I’ve been struggling for a week to get this working… prior, it would work intermittently, allowing me to play my turns, but now it crashes all the time on the title screen before the main menu appears

I had some trouble too, but I tracked it down to processes from Civ V getting stuck and not letting BE start correctly when I switched from Civ V to BE.

I couldn’t submit my turn, it complained that its wrong persons turn. I reverted the turn and lets hope it will work better.

Ok I replayed and submitted it again.

I saw there was an AI spot that needed filling, so I jumped in. Not too impressed with where things are, but I’ll stick it out.

I started a new game too in case anyone’s interested:

Welcome aboard, I got sub-optimal start too as aliens ate my colonist :smiley: