Raging Barbarians - Zombies - Primordial - Caotic (e528945b)

Smack talk goes here for Raging Barbarians - Zombies - Primordial - Caotic! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/e528945b-b7d9-4259-bc15-f4cb07bf7416


Game sort

The columns are UTC hours. Imagine Max is the first player of the round and I am the last.
My hacky simulation says 6 rounds per day. But we know that is wrong. Easily 2-3 rounds per day. Not saying you need to aim for this. Play as you are. Looking forward to the real stats.

The random roll




I’m really liking these mods Valamas. The mortal GP mod in particular is great.

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Looks like we are going with 5 players. Please select a civ. I will then roll the random in the pydt discord.
There is Khmer for not selecting a civ. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just joined, if I’m too late just boot me. Otherwise I’ll try to figure out which civ to play later today.

Welcome OTB.

Just going to give @Buno a chance to avoid the free Khmer prize.

I am not going to wait on the civ update unless someone thinks it is worth the 10 day wait.

na lets go !, wellcome OTB !

so in the PYDT discord, the dice roll said game on. Should be tomorrow.

Ops, sorry. :sweat_smile: I chose a leader.

Im guessing it didn’t save. You are still random. I have done the same too. No rush, im not starting for something like 14+hours

FYI - I am hitting vacation soon so play will be slow for a while

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thanks @dand4444.

THE GAME HAS STARTED - First load, played it as it lays.

Catastrophic disasters has been overridden by apocolpyse. So I will remove it.

I have updated the top post.

How would you feel about my creating a discord channel for this game? I prefer those to using smack-talk… call it “raging-barbarians” say?


Sorry guys for the delay, can´t make the mods work… you need to install one , start the game, exit the game and start again with the next !

I just wanted to point out.

  • No pillaging of tiles for gold / faith / science / culture with city states or AI players or via loyalty flipping (exploit). Healing allowed (farms etc)

If in doubt, please PM me.

Do we have a chat room?

there is no discord channel

umm, #raging-barbarians

im sorry. had to revert turn