PYDT Client down?


my client is not showing any games. What can i do?

I updated the client today.

Same here after upgrade to 1.18 :slight_smile:

I played turns manually through the web download/updload fucntions :slight_smile:

Looking into it now, it’s weird because it seems to be an issue making HTTPS calls to the API (if you click Debug / Developer Tools and look in the Network tab you’ll see lots of net::ERR_INSECURE_RESPONSE errors), and I have no idea why it would think those URLs are insecure. I don’t think it’s necessarily related to the 1.1.8 release, as I’ve rolled back my code locally to 1.1.7 and I still have the issue. I’ll keep digging into it…

OK, I just put out a 1.1.9 - there was a bug in electron (the shell we use to run the client) regarding HTTPS certificates that triggered last night. Unfortunately I hadn’t heard about this ahead of time. :frowning:

Thanks for the reports!

awesome. thank you very much. good work.

Working, ty so mych for all your work here.

One question : Where we can check which is included in each released version?

And any time you need something: testing, some help, etc … just ask for it

You can see the releases here, but github doesn’t automatically put together a good changelog, i’ll work on making that better in the next release.

I’ve also created the “Client Releases” category in the forum to put update notes in.

Thanks for the offer for help - I’ll definitely take you up on that at some point! :slight_smile: