Primordial domination only - Epic / spacious / no barbs or villages (595e419e)

Smack talk goes here for Primordial domination only - Epic / spacious / no barbs or villages! Game URL:

I want to become a member of this game. Can you tell me the password?

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Last chance to select a CIV

I prefer the leader random ones - that’s more interesting.

Wilfrid Laurier! Chuckles nervously in French

Hi @dand4444, I see you’re on the PYDT sub list. I’d like to sub you in for another game I’m playing. Tried to look you up on Discord but didn’t succeed. Please let me know if you’re interested:

This is the game. It uses the x2 Plenty of Time mod, and you’d be taking Norway over for Acetylcholine: Play Your Damn Turn!

I can play if you need someone.

Dan is a champ for that. Won the last one I was in when he did that.
Another marathon game coming.

Well, I hope I can keep the turn rate up but as I have to go to the office now, no more Civ during conference calls!

had to revert turn

That’s all for Canada. My last two cities will remain until Macedon brutally overtakes them. Good game, all!

thank you. It was good seeing you play differently.

Thanks for the game Yog and for pulling me in.

Hey all, I was wondering if anyone objects to adding the following PYDT ‘Friendly Game’ rule:

  • Great people outside of your territory must be escorted by, at least a scout.

Hey! I have no objection. In the future, the Sumerians will follow this rule.


The Romans will also follow this rule :slight_smile:

Hmm … I’m sorry for the violation. I thought that the escort rule, for Great People, makes sense only in peacetime - in this case, the reconnaissance of the overhead line looks unnatural (I think that with the beginning of hostilities this prohibition should be lifted). I apologize for the misunderstanding and put my Admirals under the cover of the fleet. As a penalty for the violation, this move I leave the leading warships in their places.

thank you. you saw my sub.

GG Alex. Looking forward to playing with you again.