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So, Civ 6 implemented PYDT in gathering storm in their “Play by Cloud” mode. :slight_smile: Let me know your feedback as to what they do better and if you’re still intending on playing here vs cloud mode. I should have gathering storm support up in the next couple of days.

Also, still doesn’t look like the bug is fixed that prevents us from having a turn timer for Civ 6. :angry:


To me the method that we use for asynchronus play is not as important as the community we have here at PYDT. I’m hoping even if a number switch to Steam Cloud, we could still have a PYDT community or group around it. For me PYDT has offered a way to play multiplayer games that I could never find anywhere else. I rarely have a block of time I can dedicate to multiplaying that syncs with other, but I often have bits of time here and there that PYDT has been perfect for. Also I am enjoying the Civ V and BE support which I don’t see them retrofitting.


We have a few private games with my friends, and I’m looking into transferring those to the play by cloud system. It seems that email notifications aren’t as easy as in PYDT (I’ve yet to figure out how the webhook thingie works, and it seems that it’s local to each Civ client), but otherwise it works nicely. It’s pretty much as if someone had built the PYDT client’s functionality inside Civ – the same pros and cons regarding playing with hotseat files are present in both.

Edit: Also, it’s not possible to take a native PYC game and play it as a normal hotseat game at a LAN party example, as we’ve been planning to do to get through the first 30 turns quickly. In PYDT this would be possible.

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I tried it yesterday and today with no luck - “Error joining multiplayer session”. Either on my machine is something broken or this system can’t handle the load. Maybe you should apply some cloud expertise to Firaxis :wink:

But I’m curious if the now fixed the scenario and timeturner bug. At least the scenarios are supported with Play by Cloud (at least it is supposed to work :P)

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I have a few issues with the Play by Cloud that i’ve noticed so far. First, everyone has to be online at the same time to get the game started. That’s huge right there in itself. Secondly, everyone has to have a steam account, meaning, my brother’s 11yr old child can’t play with us without us buying another copy of the game and all expansions. Third, there’s a hard limitation of 8 players on hot seat, you can’t possibly add anymore AI’s. Lastly, the notifcations suck on play by cloud, I’ve installed the steam app on my phone, but i still have to manually check if it’s my turn. Very annoying. We have decided to stick with PYDT.

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I agree with those. The notifications can actually be made better than in PYDT by using the webhook – it requires a bit of work (for example IFTTT or hosting a self-made notification script), but the possibilities are much wider also. Slack notifications are especially useful, and part of why we’d like to move to PBC if we only figured out how to transfer our PYDT games there.

I shared my webhook script with Slack, email and Nexmo SMS notification support on Github:

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Whiskerer - I’m no programmer, so the idea of doing even the most basic of scripts and setting up PHP what nots is completely intimidating to the casual user as myself. I simply can’t understand why they chose this method for notifications. I guess b/c the options are endless, however for me the options are none as i don’t know how to do it. I tried using IFTTT to notify me by email when it’s my turn but it doesn’t seem to work. I’m not sure if I have to change the webhook url in the game settings BEFORE i start the game? So frustrating for the casual user.

I understand that, and of course there should be an easier option – the webhook is a nice addition. There’s a guide for setting IFTTT up here:

It doesn’t matter if you’ve already started the game, just setup the webhook in the Game Options and then play your turn, and the webhook should work from there on.

I finally got it working. Thanks for the link.

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Rather, what they do worse…
I have started 2 PBC games and both almost instantly go stale. There is no ability to communicate with other players. The game list is littered with games that error when you attempt to join. Yet again Firaxis not thinking this through or completing a feature.

Webhook only notifications ?!..

So I have come here but yet to have a turn because I can only create one game and others set a password.

In summary, im staying here as its the best chance I have to play civ. It is pointless playing against the pitiful AI.