Play by cloud support

I am wondering if it is worth talking about integrating play by cloud games somehow.

I am playing this game which is 2 human vs 4 AI.

I found my playing buddy to be online for a time when I am, so the loading of hotseat game constantly for each turn is why I am bringing this up. I know the majority of games do not experience this turn turnover. Especially games with many players.

Could be that you create a PBC game with a password. Then create the game on the website with the join-code / password which is messaged to the players once the game is “started” on the website.

Create a webhook back to the PYDT website which contains the game id as generated and copied from the game page. Handle the turn notifications or email/webhook from that point.

I realise there are gaps and gotchas with this.

I know this is an old thread but I hope it doesn’t matter.

I tried the ‘play by cloud’ support and it works fine for us, however due to an issue with the Mac client we can’t use the webhook integration. As such I’ve now found this site, hoping that we could get notifications through PYDT support.

Reading this thread it seems that there is no integrated support for handling games created using the cloud. As such I’d like to second some kind of support were we could use the cloud support to remove the need to copy savegame files.


Why can’t you use the webhook on mac? If webhooks don’t work on mac I don’t think there’d be any way to do PYDT integration anyway, since that’s the only way PYDT could get notified.