Planetfall Deluxe: All the DLC! (5bba58fb)

Smack talk goes here for Planetfall Deluxe: All the DLC!! Game URL:

I’m going to wait one more day to see if a human player takes the last slot. Otherwise, I’ll go ahead and start with one AI.

Setup was Engineers, Hydroponics, Tectonic Scanner.

An offical PYDT Discord channel has been setup here for anyone interested

I haven’t played very much of beyond earth… in fact haven’t played it since the week it came out. Would you accept a new person that you can just walk all over to join that last spot? I just have to install the game again lol

Happy to have you Rilithain d:^D

Thanks! Now i just need to figure out what everything is in this game :slight_smile: Before i’m wiped out of course…

I can’t launch Beyond Earth. The launcher just asks me if I want to launch Beyond Earth if I say I want to launch Beyond Earth.

I don’t have a beyond earth launcher… only for Civ 5 and 6… You have the same launcher for beyond earth?

Could be a graphics card thing. It comes up and asks if I want to use “AMD mantle” (which, by the way, doesn’t do anything if you don’t have AMD - and I do have AMD and it never did anything either). That’s what I mean by launcher.

Anyway, it’s a stupid Windows Update crap that somehow alters the Beyond Earth install and I had to revalidate files from Steam.

I do see that too when the game crashes on me when I start it. I have to launch the game multiple times for mine to actually work, and i have to pause my antivirus protection (even though I’ve already added it as a trusted app)…

It wont let me play my turn, so I think we are going to have to revert a turn since player 2 dropped out. When I load it is says its my turn (player 3) but as soon as I click continue it wants Player 2 to enter their password and play. I’ll revert it back to player 1 and hopefully that will fix it.

ugh… I found an affinity point in a pod within first 10 turns, didn’t get to build any Soldiers first. Now a station popped up in the first settlement spot. I’m dying.

I’m totally lost in this game…
i remember when it first came out, the idea was not to attack the green aliens or they’ll go hostile… but, my cities are surrounded… will they ever go away? I can’t even move around my cities…

Hi guys, I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to drop from my Beyond Earth games. I’ve been struggling for a week to get this working… prior, it would work intermittently, allowing me to play my turns, but now it crashes every day on the title screen before the main menu appears

I can’t play Beyond Earth. It’s not an install file problem, it’s not because of Windows update, and it’s not a setting for my graphics driver that changed itself. But the game aborts the power supply in a violent-sounding way.

But I’m irrelevant to this one so I concede.