Phil the Seas (abc8e1b0)

Smack talk goes here for Phil the Seas! Game URL:

I have just discovered my first major civ 12 hexes away from my start position. I greeted them warmly.

The civs and city-states are really spread out in this game. My plan to rush slingers (soon archers) and warrior to capture all the close by city-states has failed. Nobody nearby to conquer so my early game is now trash.

I don’t even need to know the game’s name to know who my closest neighbor is - and he is rushing units already.

But I can’t do anything to you with those units until turn 150 or I have 20 cities. And since I rushed units and haven’t found any close by city-states I won’t get 20 soon. And since I rushed units and didn’t build any settlers, or my pantheon, or have any governors, I won’t get 20 soon. This was a poor time to change my strategy with these game settings. Who’s the idiot that started this game?

One of the idiots playing it. I know that but it could be any game we have started in the last…?

We are at turn 101. Just a reminder, at turn 150 we declare war on all major civs and the bloodbath begins.