Phil the Seas (abc8e1b0)

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I have just discovered my first major civ 12 hexes away from my start position. I greeted them warmly.

The civs and city-states are really spread out in this game. My plan to rush slingers (soon archers) and warrior to capture all the close by city-states has failed. Nobody nearby to conquer so my early game is now trash.

I don’t even need to know the game’s name to know who my closest neighbor is - and he is rushing units already.

But I can’t do anything to you with those units until turn 150 or I have 20 cities. And since I rushed units and haven’t found any close by city-states I won’t get 20 soon. And since I rushed units and didn’t build any settlers, or my pantheon, or have any governors, I won’t get 20 soon. This was a poor time to change my strategy with these game settings. Who’s the idiot that started this game?

One of the idiots playing it. I know that but it could be any game we have started in the last…?

We are at turn 101. Just a reminder, at turn 150 we declare war on all major civs and the bloodbath begins.

We are at turn 140. At turn 150, 10 more turns until we declare war on all major civs.


Hah, am already at war…and bigly successful.

In the last 30ish turns I have taken 12 cities…so tremble you lot…

(A minor and trifling detail is that the 12 are made up of 3 cities I have taken 4 or 5 times each.
And yes, they just all flipped back away from me again…)

Oh Ozy, I feel your pain from Bungle in the Jungle.

There have been games where it is impossible to hold onto cities. Not sure what the toggle is on that.

Culture, it’s all about culture. And happiness. And religion. You get those high enough and you can hold on to the cities.

Yes, but there have been games that have made it very difficult.

GG, I liked this one. Other than the losing part.

GG Dan. That is a fun game! I will post a screen shot of something Vietnam is good at if I can figure it out.

Anybody have the e-mail between us when I started this game with the game parameters? I need to learn to put them in the game description. This way I can start another one like this if we want after this one is over.

I was doing well but had a shortage of niter. I was doing that okay but the game kept swiping it for units in production rather than ones I needed to promote. This was mainly happening because I was building Quadriemes because some limey a-hole was popping my traders like bon-bons in the rear, while I was battling with the yank a-hole. Since it happened more than once, I guess it is my fault.

Happy New Year you… :grinning:

GG guys. Thanks for sticking it out to the end. Ozy was doing so great this game and ahead of both of us in tech, cities captured, battles fought. I got scared when I saw his planes show up and I hadn’t researched flight yet. But then I discovered something - every time you get a great prophet you enhance your religion. Stupid me didn’t know that early. So I rushed a bunch of great prophets and strengthened my religion. In the end, I had 12 enhancements on my religion. The benefits to this are HUGH! Then with all my extra gold I rushed 8 GDRs and there is not much to stopping them. My religion brought me:
+249 faith
+204 faith
+700 production
+719 faith
+1,524 gold
+2 great prophets on each encampment, and every city has one of those
+563 production
+237 faith
+237 gold
+1,471 gold
+142 science
+720 faith

Look at those preserves. Yield p@rn.

I will create the next game soon, but I"m about to go to work and will be busy later. I will tweak the settings a little, but this was a fun concept.