Overturned axis standard speed (cf57bda2)

From my point of view is better to make this option configurable.
So let’s vote for this feature:

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Good news, guys!

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All the games i’ve made are with a 72h turn timer and skip turn after the turn timer.

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A new scenario PYDT is open: Glacial Era.

This new theme is:
Climate: Polar
Sea level: Low

You are welcome!

@Manoir Are you open to an alliance renewal in 5 turns?

Any preference for congress?

Producing or purchasing or military units
New district culture bomb vs borders do not grow
Diplomatic Victory

@Manoir @kapshul as my allies, I will give your preferences more weight.

As I have more points to spend, I have full vote for my 2 victory points (Gitarja/Manoir)

I wanted to make the production of military units higher… Maybe a miss. I took the A choice.

Borders/Cultur bomb I didn’t care.

I voted.

  • production cost
    Other choices for me.

@MisterT800 just vote what you want. Next voting we can try to sync up.

I think that you should vote exactly the opposite of @Manoir preferences…

I can understand this point. I will try to vote against me too then :slight_smile:

:joy: That would be nice too!