Overextension (c21ffbc0)

Smack talk goes here for Overextension! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/c21ffbc0-9c84-4446-879f-338dc5495a1d

Horse Archers on an archipelago. I’m pumped…

Good hunting all.

Can somebody post the rules here. I want to make sure I don’t violate any. Are we doing the same rules as last time? I think the only new rule we added was no Venetian Arsenal.

That was the only new rule.
I’ll dig them up later and post.

I intended to, and thought I had, turned off all tribes, cities, barbs.
But I just found a city state…so not sure what else might be out there.

Also, just found this in earliy email:
Game name: Expansion
Size: Large
Type - Archipelago
Speed: Standard
Resources: Abundant
Start position: Legendary
3 player. No additional civs
City states: None. I figured out they can be turned off.

Barbarians are turned off. Go explore!

You can choose random or pick a civ.

Venetian Arsenal is banned. Too unfair on water maps.

The theme of this game is we mirror the major European powers during the age of exploration. We can have wars with each other but they are not wars designed to destroy the other people. We want to expand, explore, find new lands, spread our culture, go learn new things.

Wars can be declared at any time but the following apply:
You cannot attack a player inside their borders on the HOME continent. If a player moves a unit outside of their border, then can be attacked.
If somebody gets inside your border on your HOME continent you can attack them, but they cannot attack back as long as you are in your own borders.
Any unit or city that is not on the HOME continent can be attacked so long as it is outside a person’s borders on the HOME continent.
If somebody offers you peace, you MUST accept. Of course you can declare war on them 10 turns later.
As soon as any player enters the Atomic era, all the exceptions are gone. You can attack anybody anywhere, and you don’t have to accept peace anymore if you don’t want.

The following exceptions apply before the Atomic era.
Exception 1: If Player “x” has 2/3 civs under their religion, then any player can attack Player “x” on their HOME continent and don’t have to accept peace.
Exception 2: If Player “x” has 2/3 civs under their cultural influence, then any player can attack Player “x” on their HOME continent and don’t have to accept peace.
Exception 3: If Player “x” has 15/20 under diplomatic victory, then any player can attack Player “x” on their HOME continent and don’t have to accept peace.
Exception 4: If Player “x” has built a spaceport, then any player can attack Player “x”. This is kind of a moot point because you will be in the modern era if you have a spaceport.

I found a city-state also. No worries.

The game is over. Arabia has spread Fear and Anxiety to the masses. This game was a lot of fun in terms of planning, but I think a bit unfair…

Arabia spawned right next to Mount Roraima - provides +1 faith / +1 science to adjacent tiles. This allowed me to get a very early lead. Then I plopped down an early Holy Site which eventually gave me +8 faith, then a second one that gave me +10 faith (this is of course with bonuses. My Holy Sites also give bonus production equal to faith, and my +10 Holy Site gives science. So my main Holy site gives +10 faith / +10 production / +10 science. Then I Suzerian the new city-state of Vatican City which gives +400 religious pressure to all cities within 10 tiles when I activate a great person. I put a few great admirals around all your cities and then activated them on the same turn to convert your cities. A few more missionaries to complete the conversion process. Thanks for the fun game.

Who wants to start the next one?

Well done, again, sigh…

Hyperstretch awaits. Same again as default unless any requests for variations ?

Emailed pw…

Good game. I was not sure if you were just baiting me to declare or were going for a religious victory. Maybe we should start handicapping DogBoy? Need to find new victory terms each game? Then again Alex mops us all up so maybe we need to figure how to stop losing.

I was going for religious victory. I tried to get all the cities on the same turn but that didn’t work out. I actually thought about declaring war on both of you and then 10 turns later declaring peace. That would have given me 10 turns of peace to spread my religion without you being able to stop me. But I figured just trying to get them all at once was a better plan.

Ya, need to figure out how to beat Aleks.