Open game! (eae84512)

Smack talk goes here for Open game!! Game URL:

Hi Guys, not sure what’s the issue but the new update is causing me issues as i keep getting disk right error on installation. I have tried a complete reinstallation but still cant get the game working. I will keep you posted.

Hi, all good, turned out to be my anti virus software. Turn done.

Hi all,

I have just won a religious victory - not sure how that is reflected in your subsequent turns as i had to continue the game in order to save it. Well played everyone and a happy Christmas.

Regards Nigel

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Hi, well played! how could we miss that? haha

Happy Holidays everyone!

I think i got lucky whilst you guys were all fighting each other, i just converted you all to being Protestants :slight_smile:

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How do we end this game as still showing up on my list?