Open game (690f0565)

Smack talk goes here for Open game! Game URL:

Hi there.
I’m in Denmark (GMT+1)
(I take my turns during work hours sometimes, and mostly everyday in evenings)

Sounds good. This is my first time using PYDT, glad to have you join the game. I see we have three players so far, do you recommend waiting for a few more? Or should we go ahead and start?

Denmark here aswell (+1 go figure heh) This is ALMOST also my first game, joined PYDT not more than what a week or so ago?
Used to Play PBEM in Civ4 back in 2012 or something, and i am happy to see someone made this possible to play CIV like this again!

I dont mind waiting a coupe of more days if you want more in to the game? :slight_smile:

Yeah I also say let’s wait a couple of more days for some more players :slight_smile:

@Scienidez - great to meet a fellow Dane who plays Civ. :smiley:

Heh, likewise :slight_smile:

I started the game, hopefully I did it correctly.

Awesome i be looking forward to playing a turn :smiley:or two… maybe a thoasands :smiley:

If he takes to long can we kick him?

Hello guys.
I am going away on a little ayahuasca retreat 18th to 21st january, so I will not be able to do any turns in this period.
I hope you will wait for me. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Hey Guys, for you that need to make more… advanced Diplomacy, i made this Channel to those that would engage in that, also it can be used as Community, to create new games aswell.
Be Free to invite friends aswell. It is still new, so not that many members.

So someone left. Does anyone know someone we can add to fill the spot?

So should we just keep going then?

@connermiddleditch Yeah im sure we be fine, i can see the game allows players to join in, so im sure someone will join eventually :slight_smile:

Hi there. I will be away until this Monday. Have a nice weekend!

I have a world war 1 game i am about to start. if any of you are interested in joining then here is the link Password is Bismark

So…how much longer do we want to wait?

Like my last statement. How long do we want to wait

This is stupid. I’m leaving this game. :frowning:

Alright, leaving too, i had fun in this game though :slight_smile: GG @MortVader and thanks for the Military support @connermiddleditch :slight_smile: