One City to Rule them All (0ac06004)

Smack talk goes here for One City to Rule them All! Game URL:

Game settings

Mod list. I tried to make a collection but Steam did not cooperate. Sorry!
Mostly they are UI mods, but obviously, you will want BBG, BBS, and OCC.

This is a great concept. looking forward to it.

Glad to have you on board!

City with access to water vs city without? Thinking naval.

Hi ! i’m in , looks cool , and a game taking not as much time as many cities ! ty

hope i won’t have to look for many mods , but i’ll do if necessary

Is it really possible to have no city states but barbarian clan that becomes city states?

It turns out you are correct: setting City-states to zero results in no city-state conversions.
So we have a decision to make. Should we have:

  1. city states as normal, regular barbs, no clans
  2. one city-state to begin with, plus barb clan conversions
  3. zero city states, regular barbs

or something else? How do we feel, players?

Sort suggestion:
Yeti la Pesadi

Easily organised. I’ll give everyone a couple of days to weigh in on the question of City-States.

Zero citystates + Barb clans on raging. Could be a challenge since we are only one city. Wipe them out, they pop up nearby.
Could be too difficult: Paring that up with no-unit-upgrades and no-single-turn-policy cards from DB Gold mod.

I was going to go the other way. I’d suggest city-states as normal plus clan conversions. If there are 6 players, there should be about one starting CS per player. Then diplomacy will be more interesting. This isn’t going to be a game of big territorial conquests, after all.

Actually you could go as low as 4 with the starting CS. That would be more competitive. 1 is probably too low, though.

i would go for 6 city states at least

6 or more city states for me, with one city for player we will have room for city states.

That’s enough for a quorum. Six city-states it is, which should give each of us a balanced and equal chance of meeting one early on, plus clan conversions.

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Before we kick off, are you guys sure you want to go RANDOM civs? OCC is rather specific.
I would recommend choosing one of the following:


Could use the roll bot on the PYDT discord to random out the civs.
In the PYDT discord server there is a bot testing channel.

pydt roll !6d6

I started a game using a randomiser from that pool. but … doesn’t the Civ 6 Game Setup need to be identical to the PYDT? In other words, if you have chosen Random here, but then I select a Civ for you in the Civ 6 game setup, will that not break things?

The way to handle this is set the PYDT game settings to be random civs only for all players.
Then you assign the civs correctly in the civ 6 game setup.