Never Suck! (a9c48e9f)

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Macedonia vs Germany could be fun… I’ve got a possibly too good start, so if you have anything less than pretty good, please speak up. This is so much more fun when we’re neck and neck. :slight_smile:

My starting position is not bad, but not terribly great either. Got 3 tiles of desert and a tiny river. Not sure what the surrounding lands offer.

Well, lets play a few turns. Last game looked pretty good until I saw my whole island.

I’m in between a two tile wonder and a six tile lake… I like the bonuses I’m getting, but long term that’s a lot of real estate I can’t use. I’m not in love with what I’m seeing so far. How about you?

Still too early to tell. Good site for second city. Let’s play on.

Well I think that’s it for Macedonia. I never really got off the ground, at least until medieval era, and then it was too late. The main reason I attacked was to try to grind you down with the war weariness I wouldn’t suffer. Did that work at all? :slight_smile:

Well played! I suggest we wait until the new expansion for a new game, but I might not be able to buy it right away.

This was a good game. My capital was not in a good starting position, but the rest of the land was very nice. Then I had some AI around me who gave me their cities…with blood. I figured by the time we met I would be so far behind you based upon your comment of having a nice starting position. Glad that wasn’t the case.

I did have war weariness but it didn’t affect me. I had some entertainment centers placed to reach all my cities. Plus I have a lot of luxuries. My worse city only has +3 unhappiness so none of my cities went into revolt.

I’m good with waiting. I have family coming this weekend to stay with me for almost 2 weeks so I will be playing less. The next game we start will be Gathering Storm which I will get right away. Let me know when you get it. I’m loving these 1v1 games.

Can you surrender your turn so I can play the next few rounds and get the victory screen.

I’ll probably be a week or two behind on the Gathering Storm… I work an art gallery that was on strike for a couple of weeks for some reason, so I’m broke. :slight_smile:

I’m enjoying these 1vs1 games too… we’re pretty evenly matched overall, if not always in any given game due to starting circumstances. Looking forward to breaking my losing streak with the new expansion!