Negotiators v Commanders v China (6f54a688)

Smack talk goes here for Negotiators v Commanders v China! Game URL:

great idea


I am in!

Now that we are nearly full we could do with setting up Discord groups so that teams can communicate.
Anyone have more experience than me with this sort of thing know how to do that…?!

If you want to skip that step we can always use Steam – it has a setup for group chats.

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I also like me some mods – I would suggest Sukitract’s ocean (additional types of luxuries), the four additional Secret Societies, and I really like the mechanics of Monopoly ++. But I don’t need them to enjoy the game :slight_smile:

Yeah I’m happy with Oceans & the additional SSs if others are. Don’t have any experience of Monopoly ++ but I’ll check it out now.

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Monopoly is really cool. Small addition but great political and economical potential.

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Okay, we’re all here. I’ll do a draw for who has which Civ.
Unless anyone tells me otherwise would be preferable I’ll alternate turns between teams.
I’ve decided against those additional mods because I want this to be really about getting to know the new leaders and if people (me included) don’t have much experience with the new content then there’s quite a bit of new stuff to get your head around.

Civs drawn & Turn order:

@EmJayLambert - Nader Shah (Team 1 - Commanders)
@Manoir - Wu Zetian (Team 2 - China)
@petrojbl1 - Mbande (Team 3 - Negotiators)
@andrewsmart48 - Suleiman (Team 1 - Commanders)
@HappyCamper - Qin Shi Huang (Team 2 - China)
@Buno - Lincoln (Team 3 - Negotiators)
@matmer - Tokugawa (Team 1 - Commanders)
@matteo1jamli - Yongle (Team 2 - China)
@coolmajaka - Saladin (Team 3 - Negotiators)

post your discord handles here and we can set up groups will be vital

I’m BunoEV#5373



Lambo #3040





Hi everyone, I’m about to go away for a week - back 27th February. No chance of playing at all while I’m away. There’s no turn timer so I won’t get skipped, but I thought I’d let you all know.

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