Naval Game (bring your sun lotion, it will be glorious)! (d38fc73a)

Smack talk goes here for Naval Game (bring your sun lotion, it will be glorious)!! Game URL:

I cant see “Multiplayer helper 1.5.1” in the steam workshop, where can I download the mod?


thanks, I have now taken the turn

@PierreReynaud01 you did not mention this being static BBG game, I will not play any static BBG games as it is way too much hustle to turn mods on and off every time.

Please find a replacement.

@Bliss I am not in this game. But you dont need to enable/disable for each turn. just disable all of them, and game will automatically pick up the correct one!

@Bliss great a cry baby

I think you mean enable all if them? The problem is online games, static BBG clashes with normal BBG.

Also I don’t see the point of this extra hustle every time, to what purpose, in case there is a future update that changes something? There is so much randomness in the game anyway that I see that as the least.

In any case I would not have joined if the host said its a static BBG game.

No, I meant disable all static ones.
Assume you are playing chandragupta that got reworked 2 versions ago. you played based on the fact that all your units get +1 movement. and then BBG reworked it and you only get this if u have holy site in the city u train ur unit + holy site buildings.
good luck building HS in every city now to get your bonus in t80 (online speed)!!!
this is not randomness. its unplayable for a civ that get reworked in the middle of the game.
I dont know any game on PYDT right now that its not on static BBG unless its without BBG completely. I think its a given that all games on BBG will be static, and thats probably why the host didnt mention it.

I cant comment on online games cuz I dont play online. but I know people think it causes desyncs even if its disabled. You can move your “Mods” folder to somewhere else on your computer when you want to play Online and then move it back perhaps.

Can someone point me out to where this static BBG version is?

I can try as per Calcifer’s instructions and see how it works with online games.

This dropbox folder is going to be the placeholder for static BBG releases for cloud.
To install a particular version of BBG, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Download the particular .zip file from Dropbox
  2. Copy and Extract it into the Mods folder of where Civ 6 is installed on your system. On Windows, it should be somewhere like this: “…\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier’s Civilization VI\Mods”
  3. Restart Civ
  4. Go to Additional Content->Mods menu, and disable newly installed BBG to not conflict with real-time or other games (attached image).
  5. Load your game as usual, and play your turn.
    Dropbox - BBG Static Releases for Cloud - Simplify your life

Thanks, it worked.

The pace of this game is kind of silly. I’m hoping there is someone who might sub for me.

so what happened