Name of next user blank before saving turn

For one particular game, the next user name is blank. Now I know, it is not a problem, just a display bug.

It is because of the curly bracket in their username.
[EC] Mesias-G {TteGen}


I tried manually entering the name in a mock hotseat game.
Entered: [EC] Mesias-G {TteGen}
Civ auto changed it to [EC] Mesias-G \{TteGen}
Note the escape before the curly bracket.

Since I was at it I typed every non-alpha character in to the name and found many were ignored and only one escaped.

Ignored on display, however present when editing.

` (backwards comma under the tilde key)


{ (only this one)


Sorry about the inconvenience, but [EC] and {TteGen} are my clan tag and rank and I’m compelled to wear them in Steam. Hopefully there’s a fix for it :confused: