My First Created PYDT Game (d6e21647)

Smack talk goes here for My First Created PYDT Game! Game URL:


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Reply or discord if you need help! :+1:

That will be my first game here, can we clarify all of the rules, please?

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Sure, the rules on this page except for game speed City State Capturing will be followed: In-Game Rules - Civilization Players League

The exploits on this page are not allowed: Exploits - Civilization Players League

Public communication must be done using English only. Using a language other than English is considered private communication.

Unless at least three players vote otherwise, players may not create friendships or alliances. The votes must agree on whatever limit is in place. For my part, I’m voting unlimited friendships and 2 alliances.

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Thanks, the rules are clear.
Should I have any mods installed apart from all of the DLSs?

Nope, we’re using the basic game and the DLCs for this.

Ok, I’m ready then. As for friendships and alliances - I agree with your suggestion.

So sorry for the delay everyone, but we are live now.

So remind me, how does vacation work in this system?

we wait for them to get back

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GG, Babylon! We have not any chance in scince. We will see Babylon’s aviation soon.