Mutually Assured Destruction (0e4328cf)

Smack talk goes here for Mutually Assured Destruction! Game URL:

@RectangularChicken Please start the game, we are full.

Alright, here are the teams, randomly assigned:

Team 1
Player 4: harre
Player 6: adyyc
Player 5: petrojbl
Player 7: Maximilian

Team 2
Player 1: Rectangular Chicken
Player 3: angelspikevg
Player 2: beetrave
Player 8: Huuglo

Sorry for the wait, I’ll get it started shortly

@RectangularChicken You should have reordered players order based on their timezone (ex GMT +3 +2 +1 0 -1)

Ah, I didn’t know I could reorder players

Beetrave just left. what do we do?

Took me a while to actually find the map mod. I’d venture to guess that Beetrave may have left because Beetrave couldn’t find the mod. Given that we have four players and capitals right next to each other, I might vote for restarting to find another player and hoping the map starts players a bit further apart.

sounds good

I’d be on board with restarting with a new player, if others agree. Who else is in favor?

We could guarantee the starting distances if everyone picks a civ and we agree on the teams based on the distances (since it’s true start location)

I’ve no objection to a restart.

I’ll start up a new one soon.