Mrosack - Kicking inactive player and leaving slot open

We need to kick one player (@marcopolothefraud) out of the game, who hasn’t been active for three weeks despite joining newly created game:

Can his spot be left open for a human player?


I can kick the player, but the spot can’t be left open for the same reason we can’t have a turn timer, the game breaks if you change a player from human to ai and back to human. If you have someone you want me to replace in the game I can, otherwise I can just kick them.

Understood, I’ll check couple people as replacement today, tomorrow latest, and then proceed to kick this player manually (I could do that myself, right?)

However, I don’t know if our situation has same game breaking condition since it’s very first turn and this player hasn’t played any turns.

Ah, ok, I’ve removed him.

Good. Although now I’m unable to change game parameters so that human players can join the game. Getting an error message saying run into error

Try it again, I think because your game was created before some changes I made last weekend there was an issue. If you still have problems let me know the exact error message you get. Thanks!

I see, that might have been the problem previously. The new player order and such.

The game has been restarted successfully. Last place was marked for human player but PYDT has changed it to AI. It’s not a deal-breaker in 7 ppl match, however the PYDT won’t allow later users to join. Just to let you know

Thanks for the assist!

I think that’s fine, the AI icon just means there’s not a human in that spot.

That should be alright then. I’ll post new threat, if there’s any problems. Cheers!