Mondo Bizarro (f92ae50e)

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Hi - It will be more than just the two of us, right? I notice the other 10 are showing as AI ?

Heya. My plan is to wait until half the players are human, then the game starts and other people will be free to join the game along the way.

OK, great :slight_smile:

That’s six. Time to start the game. Others can join later.

I will be away from Saturday until some time Wednesday…

Ok. Thanks for the information.

did we lose @winiarskim ?


I will be away until Sunday 22.12.18.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

are we dead in the water here? its been 100 hrs… can we do anything to skip this turn?

is Mapuche an AI or a player? I’m confused… it looks like an AI, yet, if you hover over top it shows a message that the person is away march 4-7. In the game, it doesn’t appear to be a player…

and - how can you tell who planted map tacks? you can’t hover over top of them and see… you can’t click on them… its annoying… the devs didn’t think that maybe, just maybe, someone might want to click on one and see who posted it??

@BobReman you still with us?

is @ibntumart away or something? Its been 2 weeks since last turn… i’ll give it 2 more days then I think I’ll move on. this game is moving too slow. I know its holidays now, but it has been since Dec 14th.