Michaqel's game! 2 (79f62943)

Smack talk goes here for Michaqel’s game! 2! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/79f62943-b3fa-42be-adf6-dc55d09eca0c

@Michaqel Please reorder the players according to their timezone before starting.

Thanks for note. I did it and now we are waiting only for last player.

no, better sort by plaiyng times - the time zones may be misleading:-)

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yes playing times

Ok we can start.

@adyyc Hi, are you still playing Civ IV?

i will play in the weekend. i have a busy time here.


good man cheers

gg all! watch out for those greeks :slight_smile:

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gg, thanks

but we bear gifts

I’ll leave it to other nations to judge how well the gifts of the greeks were liked in the former capital of egypt :wink:

Just seemed thematically correct

The World should consider alliance against Greeks. It is very aggressive nation and if defeat next other nation then Greeks will write history!

well you were safe until this

Each can see your weak army which is on my borderlands. It is good chance to attack on you for your neighbors!

it really is just passing through

All your army is on East and is prepared for attack on peacefulness Sweden people!

I hope that you will be punished your Western neighbors!