Medieval Builder 100-Turn Score Rush (158a25e5)

@Bliss can you get your turn in?

@Bliss Dude, are you OK? Time to #playyourdamnturn

yep, on a bussines trip!

Nice. Do that business!

Nice! Install Civ on that laptop :stuck_out_tongue:

@Sledge_Poteet in your own words, “Let’s Play!”

can’t, it’s company laptop. I only have a Desktop currently.

I get it. though I have taken my workstation on vacation with me before – I have issues :crazy_face:

Hah! Sorry! First week back at school so things have been a bit chaotic.
Taking care of it RIGHT NOW!

Go ahead and get that good book learnin’ @Sledge_Poteet :laughing: and don’t be like my college roommate who stayed up all night playing Sega Genesis and lost his full scholarship and got kicked out of University.