MaxWar's game - 4 players - fast - Random civs only - All expansions ! (f115ee97)

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Welcome! Ask me any questions or better still, goto the discord channel

@MaxWar Please reorder players by thei time-zone

adyyc i remember you from when i used to play civ 5 on gmr

Alright, please everyone provide your most likely playtime brackets in UTC time, it is my first time with PYDT but I suppose people need to join in order like PBC ?

Also, I recently suscribed to BBG and BBS mods, if you all want we can use those, otherwise we can do it vanilla. This being said, if we do this vanulle, could this impact PYDT when I load my turn and the mods are enabled ?

Nevermind, I found how to edit turn order, but I still think it is better to check people’s availability in UTC rather than just Timezone.

6:00 AM to 6:00 PM

@Elissa I’m glad! Which is you civ5 id? I play civ on League since civ 3.

@MaxWar GMT+3 is first, then come GMT+2, they are ahead of GMT+2. This way is optimal.

Ok it’s started

i am being asked to have 4 more dlc - catherine de medici persona, ethiopia, maya and gran colombia and teddy roosevelt persona packs; i dont have them, i cant load game

As the game title implies, this uses all expansions.

i didnt even know these 4 dlc existed, they must be brand new

It’s the frontier pass. It is rather new and it is released over time.

alright sorry i am off! best of luck!

Ok what do we do, scrap the game and start over ?

i think yes