Massive Cluster (6587c80d)

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It says I need the Poland Civ Pack? Sorry I didn’t realize you were putting that in it didn’t say anywhere when I joined.

I think the only option right now is to surrender in this game. In the future the person who makes the game must exclude the poland dlc for you to be able to play.

Yeah I can’t load it at all otherwise I would surrender. Sorry I wouldn’t have joined but it didnt say anything about that DLC being in it.

You should be able to surrender from the website, you don’t need to load the game. Just go into the Surrender tab on the game page. The details of the game and DLC selected are shown in the game details when you join a game, if you have any ideas of how to make it more visible or thoughts as to why you didn’t see it that’d be super helpful. Thanks!

Hi Mike

Maybe include something in the Open Game page

Some icons to indicate which DLCs are selected for each game??

Can’t load the game… I don’t have the Poland Expansion pack

You’ll need to buy the Poland pack or surrender, LenP. Thanks!

What can we do? The creator himself is gone…

hi … i have a short trip on this weekend … i come back on sunday. than i will do my turn.

Kick the player that blocks the game

Is it possible to kick the map creator? It’s been more than a month he didn’t play.

I’ve kicked @BrotherMagneto, hopefully he’s OK IRL!

I got curb stomped, so I’m surrendering, have fun everyone!


That’s weird, but I think my last turn has been played by the AI.
I didn’t receive the email notification neither.