Limit the number of active games

There should be a limit to the number of games a player can be in at the same time.

A) initially maximum 10 active games, and +1 extra active game for each 500 turns played
B) initially maximum 20 active games, and +1 extra active game for each 1,000 turns played

Not only to protect that player from burning out

  • but mainly to protect the other players from having to find substitutes in so many games in a scenario like this one:

Player in 34 active games:

With a limit like in the above examples, he would have been limited to 20 (example A) or 25 (example B) games.


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I don’t think this will work TBH. People will just ask to increase the limit when they reach it because of various reasons. Like maybe I am in 10 duel games on top of 20 normal games. Then I cannot use PYDT which doesn’t make sense.

In my last two years of playing in PYDT community this is the first time that this happens and is unfortunate. but it is because of sth out of the control of the people.

If someone joins a lot of games and cannot keep up you can ask them to find a sub.

There could be paid plan for joining more games than the limit :smiley: