Leviathan slack game (794d4f87)

Smack talk goes here for Leviathan slack game! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/794d4f87-991d-461f-8484-ec11e6ecba00

Hold your settler, Romans, I forbid you making any cities near the beautiful nation of US and A

Whoops didn’t see this at the time. I think he wandered fairly far east though.

I’ll be away for about a week so won’t be playing until next Thursday or Friday.

I should have sent a message through slack, but no matter; they didn’t settle next to my backyard

hmmm it seems my password is not taking in this game. i’ve set it several times. unlike a game going on slack here only one player would have access to my turn, the player before me.

could we get a slack channel for this game?

I’m traveling until around the 18th and won’t be able to play then.

I started a slack channel - I think I got the invites right but let me know if you didn’t get one.

Good game all!

Yes… Good game! I forgot about the double war weariness in fighting India!

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Well i wanna call it, Good job Kennedy992!!

Good job levi too!

Good game everyone!

Good game, no questions about the winner. Congrats @Kennedy992! That Indian war weariness didn’t slow you down any bit

You’re a tough cookie @Leviathan, can’t believe you survived until the end.

Good game everyone! I thought this would still be going when Civ 7 came out. :slight_smile: