Let us game! (30942219)

Smack talk goes here for Let us game!! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/30942219-e729-4021-9c01-4f0063b9737f

Hi Scienidez – Do you want to start with us and let others join? Or wait for 4?

We can wait a little :slight_smile: see if we get more ppl on, i dont mind

Turn timer?

Turn timer as in? I dont mind setting the “Online” Speed to a more… slower progress… i hate the fact when and archer reaches the enemy, you building helicopters in Capital City, back home…

But it seems we are good to go @Antonio :wink:

oof. I tried to set it slower, but hit the wrong button and it started the game at online speed… we could start another if you all prefer.

IM not sure, but maybe went wrong with the savegame? i might need to do it over, im not sure it uploaded properly? (but it sended the turn to next player, so i cant)

Loaded my turn correctly. (When I load the game it starts with my turn.)

Good good, my screen it just was stuck in the uploading screen, after i while i forced closed it to do it again, but it must has uploaded, so good!

Buildt up a great empire in this one, shame to see it stagger in non-progression… leaving