LEARN THE GAME (a3907ec8)

Smack talk goes here for LEARN THE GAME! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/a3907ec8-33c6-4dc4-a747-4620ad795b8f

anyone got any requests for settings. modes etc

I like your write up for the game. Could make it a bit trickier with fewer resources but not fussy. Happy to take out the water civs as I ike to choose random leader and do not want to be stuck with a civ with few inherant benefits!

Yeah it’s mostly new leaders i need to learn and forced into different styles. I do the same things over and over mostly because they work but want to branch out a bit.

Yes, I would like the regimes to be included: “monopolies and corporations”, “barbarian clans” and “great era”.

Will start the game shortly with “monopolies and corporations”, “barbarian clans”

I think Great era could be too brutal for us.

Maybe, random techs and civics

I am very against random technologies.

I give up. I am feeling I play against teamplay Rishat13 and khiliani. I not guess about khiliani’s object in this war vs me.

You yourself attacked me and captured my city. I developed peacefully and built a miracle in the city. Now I have to build troops. I liberated my city, now I will capture your cities in order to retaliate.
I am not familiar with Genghis Khan, but I am glad that he has become a true ally.

Rishat13, your game is good. The city have blocked my capability of settle near. If this city was be a little below the war is not. I am quite willing to war vs you. I was upset by Khan’s decision. He have opportunities to good development, he is located a lot far away from me. Now he have the lowest development. Why is his goal me but is not his further settlement? It’s strange for me. Any way. I can’t to war on both side.

Created the game “Sea Battle”. Join. Password: Sea

GG everyone enjoy the game.

Sorry you’re out :frowning:

GG all, best of luck with the spanish snowball!

Thanks for game. It will hard…

We will need more than luck! Thanks for playing.

Thanks for game.

Tank??? Wwwwhat I will doing with my Cavalry and Line Infantry :slight_smile: Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition - YouTube