League of Nations (Take Two for real this time!) (f66ebb55)

Smack talk goes here for League of Nations (Take Two for real this time!)! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/f66ebb55-c965-4377-bda8-e49c9a3e7101

And we’re off! Everyone is spaced a minimum of 13 tiles away from anyone else, and I quadruple checked both the game settings AND the staging room settings this time around, so hopefully there won’t be any issues this time!

If you haven’t done so already, please introduce yourself in the Discord for the game (Discord), as that will be the official forum for public and private diplomacy going forward.

Please let me know if there are any issues with your game start, and have a great game all!

For those of you who are fast movers, there is a fast-movers-only version of the game now open also here:

Hi Leech Sucka,

It’s been over 5 days, and you’ve had several turns requiring several days – any chance you might be able to pick up your pace a bit?

Just had a notification that LeechSucka has been kicked. Are we going to search for a sub in this game? I can post sub request in discords that I’m in if you like

I’d be fine with leaving the civ as an AI, but I wouldn’t oppose subbing a human in if you find someone interested in your discords – just let me know!

still early lets find a sub

I can join as sub

OK! I have a request in to put in place as a sub. Thank you and welcome!

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My pc is dead new one soon.


if no objections I’m leaving this game as it’s been over a month since a turn was played.