League of Nations (bd4480d9)

Smack talk goes here for League of Nations! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/bd4480d9-f90a-4fd8-8ae1-4790a4cb0c58

Hello everyone, and welcome to the League of Nations!

Since the original posting, I’ve added some guidance on public and private diplomacy under the Game Details on PYDT, so please review them prior to starting.

I’m a newbie on Discord and haven’t yet been able to figure out how to start a dedicated channel for this game on the Civ 6 PYDT server with the limited time I have, so if anyone can point me to a resource on how to do this in a way that allows public and private threads for the game, please let me know!

Have a great game all!

regarding discord channel, you’ll need to ask @OutsideTheBox to do that for you, he is admin on that server

The game is asking me to create the initial game file since I’m the first player. Is this right. I’ve never done this before.

i think chaldean has made a mistake with this game

Hi folks,

I did some checking and it looks like I forgot to reset the players from “computer” to “human” in the staging room. I’ve got a request out to reset the game to its initial state so that I can rectify the issue, so hopefully we’ll be set to go shortly!

Thank you Fatusblobus!

Hi all,

I’m fairly confident that I’ve identified the issue with the startup file for this game, so I’m going to close it down and restart as a new game. The link is below, and the game password is what an idiot would have on his luggage: 12345


Hope to see you all there soon!

Check that - The PYDT admin has suggested that we give this game another shot as is following his reset. Please let me know if you experience any issues!

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I’ve just checked that I got Canada. It was unavailable, right?

Hi all,

We lost the proper civ assignments and our “follow-the-sun” turn ordering on the reset, with the latter being pretty crucial to being able to conduct diplomacy time-effectively. So, I’ll be shutting down this version of the game for real this time, and we’ll start anew here:


The password is: 12345

Hope to see you all there soon!